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Iryna Muha

United Kingdom

Statement of Work

I always wanted to write a song about the loss of my father in WTC, but none of the words seemed right, none of the notes seemed suitable. It did not feel I could possibly create a piece that would reflect the pain and sorrow and regret my family went through. I could not put all that in words.

But I found the Russian folk song Kaby Vedala- If I Only Knew, that has the all the wisdom of the people to view life and death in a simple but powerful way with a beautiful music. Now, every time I perform this song, I think about my dad.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11 with my band MuHa we are creating a music video this song.
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If I only Knew ( Kaby Vedala- Rus)

Russian folk song performed by Muha

If I only knew when my time
Would come to go
And come to you
Oh Lord, my dear dear Lord,
I would buy a plot in
the graveyard
Oh Lord, my dear dear Lord
And I would lie myself at rest,
and my soul would fly away
to you my Lord, my dear dear God
I know I have been a lot of trouble
for you Lord, Oh my dear dear Lord

Oh, silk of grass
Oh silver dew
Shining bright
Rise and Shine

Oh Lord, take me from
The heaven down to the ground
Oh Lord, my dear Lord
From heaven to dear earth,
Lying on golden sands
It’s Heaven on Earth
Oh Lord, my dear Lord
If I only knew..

Adaptation by Kapka Nilan


Iryna Muha who lost her father in the North Tower of the WTC, is a Ukrainian born multi -instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and animator started to develop finger -picking guitar style at 15 years old at a Soviet school in Darkhan, Mongolia. Later she studied vocals in her native town Vinnitsa, Ukraine and matured her talents in America.

Iryna’s early music was influenced by her mother's singing at home and the Russian “table songs”- the traditional folk songs that are sang at parties by all the people around the table at family gatherings. This influence can still be heard at Iryna’s unique vocal style. Having a keen interest in world music, Iryna explores traditional instruments from different cultures from harmonica to jews-harp and berimbau.

Iryna came to the UK in 2003 to study Design under the British Council 911 Scholarship and made the UK her new home.

Iryna writes and sings from her own experiences: 'Life is a journey, a road with sometimes unexpected turns. But everything comes and everything goes; and tomorrow will be just another day.'