Anniversary in Schools Past Webinars

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum offers an annual educational program on the anniversary of 9/11. This film, available on demand after the anniversary, offers personal stories from those affected by the attacks, including first responders, family members, and survivors. See below for an archive of past programs.

2019 Webinar

The 2019 webinar is available with captions, ASL interpretation, and verbal description. Sofia Lachapelle’s story is presented in both English and Spanish. 

2019 Webinar with captions

Webinar with captions
2019 webinar

2019 Webinar with ASL interpretation

Webinar with ASL interpretation
2019 webinar with ASL interpretation

2019 webinar with audio description

Webinar with audio description
2019 webinar with audio description

Sofia Lachapelle - Spanish

Sofia Lachapelle - Spanish
2019 webinar, Sofia Lachapelle's story in Spanish

2018 Webinar

The 2018 webinar is available with captions, ASL interpretation, and verbal description.

Video: 17th Anniversary webinar

2018 webinar

Video: 17th Anniversary webinar with ASL

2018 webinar with ASL interpretation

Video: 2018 Anniversary in Schools Webinar with Audio Description

2018 webinar with audio description

2017 Webinar

The 2017 webinar is available with captions and ASL interpretation.

Video: 16th Anniversary webinar

2017_Webinar with captions
2017 webinar

Video: 16th Anniversary webinar with ASL

2017_Webinar with ASL interpretation
2017 webinar with ASL interpretation

Anniversary in Schools Webinar

This 35-minute program tells the story of the 9/11 attacks through personal stories from first responders and survivors.  

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School Programs

Explore a diverse set of inquiry-based programs designed to challenge students to think critically about a range of topics related to 9/11.

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