The Last Column in Foundation Hall is shown from above. Six museum visitors stand near the column, observing it up close.  About forty visitors are walking through the expanse of Foundation Hall.
Photo by Thinc Design

The Museum

The Museum is currently open six days a week (plus select Tuesdays) with health and safety measures in place and ongoing operational changes to ensure a safe Museum experience. 

About the Museum

Two eighty-foot tall steel columns, known as the Tridents, tower over the interior of the museum Pavilion. One World Trade Center points skyward outside the windows.
Photo by Jin S. Lee

The 9/11 Memorial Museum invites visitors to learn about the history of the 9/11 attacks and 1993 World Trade Center bombing at the site where the Twin Towers once stood. The Museum’s dynamic blend of architecture, archaeology, and history creates an unforgettable encounter with the story of the attacks, their aftermath, and the people who experienced these events.


 Visitors walk down a dimly lit hall. Beside them is a large map of the Eastern United States that shows the routes the hijacked planes took.
Photo by Thinc Design

The Museum tells the story of 9/11 through artifacts, imagery, personal stories, and interactive technology. Learn about the core exhibitions, special exhibitions, and rotating displays in the Museum’s 110,000 square feet of space.

The Collection

The heavily damaged firetruck of FDNY Ladder Company Three sits in the Museum. This close-up view shows the bright red vehicle’s twisted ladder and broken compartment doors.

FDNY Ladder 3 firetruck recovered from the World Trade Center site after September 11, 2001. Collection 9/11 Memorial Museum, Courtesy of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Photo by Dan Winters

The 9/11 Memorial Museum’s permanent collection is an unparalleled repository consisting of material evidence, primary testimony, and historical records of response to February 26, 1993 and September 11, 2001, and the ongoing repercussions of these terrorist events.

Programs and Events

Dozens of seated people watch a video projected on a wall of Foundation Hall. The people are sitting by the base of the Last Column. The lighting in the hall has been dimmed for the event. Dozens more people stand and lean against railings off to the right as they also watch the video.
Photo by Jin S. Lee

The 9/11 Memorial Museum hosts a variety of programs and events that explore the attacks and their continuing impacts. Programs are tailored to different audiences and are offered onsite and online.

Museum Store

About ten people walk through the museum store. In the foreground, several visitors come and go from the shop. Further back, more people browse stands displaying postcards and souvenirs.
Photo by Jin S. Lee

Keepsakes, books, and apparel purchased through our store help fund our mission.