NY Magazine Lists Museum Among 'Reasons to Love New York'

A page from New York Magazine features an image of visitors in Foundation Hall at the Museum. A headline reads, “This is what 9/11 looks like through the eyes of someone born on September 10, 2001.”
The 9/11 Memorial Museum is featured in a recent edition of New York Magazine. (Photo: Courtesy of New York Magazine)

New York magazine has featured the 9/11 Memorial Museum in its 10th annual “Reasons to Love New York,” ranking it No. 3 on the list.

The page on the magazine’s website is titled “Because This is What 9/11 Looks Like Through the Eyes of Someone Born on September 10, 2001” and contains a photograph of the museum’s Foundation Hall. Below the photograph is a quote from 13-year-old Jason Remy, who visited the museum on Sept. 18. It reads, in part:

“As a child, I always thought about [9/11] as something that went wrong; I always thought it was an accident. I didn’t really understand the act.” He later goes on to say, “I felt pretty terrible about what happened to all those people. I think of it as a time when we were all in fear, but it was also a time when we lent a hand to help one another.”

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By Jordan Friedman, 9/11 Memorial Research and Digital Projects Associate

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